Hurricane Hangover & Other Likely Excuses

Actually, for me it's more like Hurricane Amnesia because I cannot remember what my plans were for September before we had to evacuate. We had barely returned from spending the entire Summer up in Michigan when we had to turn around and head north to Alabama and then Louisiana. But here I am a week after returning to Key Largo (our house was fine) and I am still without internet (thanks Comcast! #sadface) and I had to resort to Starbucks for internet. I have no shame in that (and I may be sipping on a Maple Pecan Latte --- tastes like someone dipped my French toast in my coffee. Meh.). 

I am also attempting to catch up to my website via my iPad Pro which isn't cooperating fully with my blog software right now. Check out my instagram for what's happening and I'll be back soon!