Crafty Happy Hour

Sample of Crafty Happy Hour make & take Valentines!    

Sample of Crafty Happy Hour make & take Valentines! 


I am so happy to start doing my Crafty Happy Hours again. I started these back in 2011 (and really before, but they weren't named) as part of Tradeschool Indy and also a few popups at a local coffeehouse. I let them lapse (and the dang domain name!) when we moved to China and i've been so busy with the craziness of the past 18 months stateside that I am just now getting back to this dream. 

Still in development, but I plan on doing these for both adults and children. I so enjoyed working with children at my kids camps in the US and Canada with a national event company and long ago as a special needs preschool teacher. I love kids!  Of course, it's always fun to get crafty and socialize with other grown-ups, too! Looking to pop this crafty fun up at coffeehouses, tiki bars, breweries, resorts and wherever!

First up: Valentines Crafty Happy Hour PopUp at Cafe Moka in Tavernier tomorrow (Tuesday, February 14 @ 9 AM). It's just a test of the crafty emergency system to see how I might do this here in the Keys.