Keys to My Mouth: Barstool Storytelling

Sampling little beers at  Florida Keys Brewing  and telling tales.

Sampling little beers at Florida Keys Brewing and telling tales.

There are a lot of stories to be heard in the Keys. I may be one of the yappiest storytellers down here lately, because it feels like I haven't talked to real human adults in forever. When you sit at your MacBook all day talking to your dog, someone asking you where you're from while you're both a few feet from each other under a tiki bar is like paradise. Of course, sitting on a barstool brings out the storyteller in a lot of people, though. Or is it the beer and piƱa coladas? 

The conversation usually starts with someone asking me where i'm from. I never have a simple answer for where i'm from and what I do. Look at my about page. You can see why I am longwinded and those bullet points are just a snippet of my life. I reflect back later and I know i've talked too much and maybe tried to relate to others a bit too hard. The mimosa I was drinking makes me a motor mouth, but I can talk just as much drinking a water or a Diet Coke. Anyway, I am pretty sure my stories seem like tall tales to some. 

In return, i've heard so many stories and I know it's no secret, but the people with the most interesting stories in the universe all live in the Florida Keys. This place is a mix of people who were born here* and those who have been reborn here after lives full of adventure, failure and redemption. I am still figuring out what is true, what is exaggerated or misunderstood and which are lies to tell newbies.

*Okay, one of the stories I heard is that people aren't actually born here. They have to be born across the Stretch because there is no Maternity Ward at the local hospital. Pregnancies are watched and births are scheduled. I haven't verified this, but the next pregnant woman at the tiki bar I see, I will get her story.